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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Environment: Renewable Energy & Solid Waste


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 118 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions - Progress Report - Ocean Acidification (RSC 2) passed House with amendments including name change to Task Force to Study the Impact of Ocean Acidification on State Waters.  Task Force to report to the Governor and legislature by 1/1/2015.  Hrg. 3/25 EHEA

HB 240/SB 56 Environment - Solid Waste Management Practices - Maryland Recycling and Landfill Diversion Task Force (RSC 2) passed House, assigned to EHEA.  SB 56 reported unfavorably by EHEA

HB 1249/SB 156 Public Utilities - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Hydrokinetic Turbines (RSC 2) unfavorable report ECM, withdrawn; no further action on Senate bill

HB 202/SB 186 Clean Energy Loan Programs - Private Lenders - Collection of Loan Payments (RSC 2) both passed their respective chambers with amendments.  HB 202 heard 3/25 FIN; SB 186 favorable report ECM

HB 747/SB 734 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard - Qualifying Biomass (RSC 3) unfavorable report ECM; no further action on Senate bill

HB 1149/SB 733 Public Utilities - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RSC 4) no further action

HB 1192/SB 786 Electricity - Community Renewable Energy Generating System - Pilot Program (RSC 4) no further action

By Hugh Haskell


Posted by Hugh Haskell on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Environment: Hydraulic Fracturing


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

SB 706/HB 1210 Environment-Permit Determinations-Cumulative Impact Assessments (RSC 4) Heard 2/25 EHEA; 3/5, ENV Second Reading Passed with Amendments

HB 1122/SB 745 Shale Gas Drilling Safety Review Act of 2014 (RSC 3) Unfavorable Report, ENV; Unfavorable report, EHEA, withdrawn

HB 865 Natural Gas – Hydraulic Fracturing – Rural Residential Drinking Water Protection Act (RSC 3) Heard 2/28, ENV

HB 1030 Public Health – Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals – Information and Fund (RSC 3) Heard 2/28, ENV

SB 535 Natural Gas Severance Tax and Impact Account (RSC 3) 2/19 B&T

HB 292 Natural Gas-Hydraulic Fracturing-Prohibition (RSC 1) Unfavorable Report ENV

HB 409 Environment- Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater-Prohibited Acts (RSC 2) Unfavorable Report ENV

SB 360 Natural Gas-Hydraulic Fracturing-Prohibition (RSC 2) Heard 2/4 EHEA and FIN; Unfavorable report EHEA
SB 361 Public Safety-Gas Pipeline Inspection Requirements-Best Available Technology (RSC 2) no further action

SB 362 Public Safety-Gas Pipeline Inspection Requirements-State Penalties (RSC 2) no further action

By Betsy Singer


Posted by Betsy Singer on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Environment: Land Use


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

SB 171 Capital Budget - Program Open Space (RSC 1) Capital Budget Subcommittee of House Appropriations is meeting to consider a Senate-proposed cap on Program Open Space funds. Funding comes from 1/2% tax on real estate transfers. Hrg. 3/27 APP

HB 510 Sustainable Communities Tax Credit Program - Extension and Alteration (RSC 3) Passed House 111-20; SRU

By Susan Cochran


Posted by Susan Cochran on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Environment: Clean Water & Pesticides


HB 1551 Natural Resources - Fresh Oyster Shells - Purchase by County Oyster Committees (Jacobs plus 5) would require DNR to authorize county oyster committees to purchase annually up to 400,000 bushels of fresh oyster shells that have not gone through a hatchery for production of spat on the fresh oyster shell for placement on a public oyster fishery bottom; and making the Act an emergency measure. Environmental groups opposing; watermen in favor. Situation involves a limited number of shells.  Hrg. 3/14 ENV 

SB 101 Environment - Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund - Use of Funds (Chair, EHEA for MDE) authorizes MD Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund to provide various types of financial assistance. Passed in Senate; hrg. 3/19 ENV

SB 564/HB 834 Environment - Water Pollution Control – Penalty (Simonaire/Frush & Hubbard) would increase penalties for specified violations of water pollution control law from $5K to $10K for each violation and from $50K to $100K total. Passed by both chambers.

SB 903 Tax Sales - Stormwater Remediation Fees - Temporary Prohibition (Hershey plus two) would  establish an extended grace period for unpaid stormwater remediation fees.  Heard 3/11 B&T

Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 12 Bay Restoration Fund - Authorized Uses - Local Entities (RSC 2-4) Passed House; favorable report EHEA

HB 50 Stormwater Management - Watershed Protection and Restoration Program - Repeal (RSC 1) was cross-filed as SB 464 (Jennings plus 11) and would have repealed a number of requirements relating to protections against stormwater run-off and associated contaminants.  Unfavorable reports ENV & EHEA; defeated

HB 121/SB 62 Chesapeake Bay Trust - Powers and Duties - Member Terms (RSC 2-4) As previously reported, bills passed original chambers. No further action on HB 121; SB 62 hrg. 3/19 ENV

HB 193/SB 27 Nutrient Management - Phosphorus Risk Assessment Tool or Index - Economic Impact Analysis (RSC 1-3) and HB 26/SB 121 Administrative Procedure Act - Fiscal Impact Statements for Proposed Regulations (RSC 1) All phosphate management tool bills are considered dead for the session. Instead, language has been inserted into the budget bill SB 170 requiring an economic impact analysis before any other PMT actions can be taken

HB 240/SB 56 Environment - Solid Waste Management Practices – Maryland Recycling and Landfill Diversion Task Force (RSC 3&4) See Environment: Renewable Energy & Solid Waste report, p. 1

HB 618/SB 437 Nonresident Recreational Fishing and Crabbing Licenses – Oyster Restoration Surcharge (RSC 2-4) no further action

HB 621/SB 700 Registration of Pesticides – Fee Increase – Disposition of Fees (RSC 1-4) Both bills passed and crossed over to opposite chamber.   1st reading EHEA; hrg. 3/19 ENV

SB 781 Environment - Recycling - Public and Commercial Buildings, Special Events, and Single-Family Residences (RSC 4) Passed Senate; hrg. 3/26 ENV

HB 1139 Environment - Stormwater Remediation Fees - Reduction of Fees (RSC 4) no action since 2/26 hrg.

By Linda Silversmith


Posted by Linda Silversmith on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Transportation


HB 1212/SB 348 Use of Text Messaging Device or Handheld Telephone While Driving - Accidents Resulting in Death or Serious Injury – Penalties (Clippinger/Manno) commonly known as Jake's law was created because of a young boy's death in an accident caused by a driver using a hand held texting device. Proposed penalties would more closely align with impaired driving from alcohol. Including amendments, passed third reading JUD & JPR. Referred to HRU 3/21& JPR in the opposite chamber.

Updates on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

SB 710/HB 957 Impaired Driving – Repeat Offenders – Penalties (RSC 3) Passed 3rd reading JUD; ongoing JPR

By Barbara Ditzler      


Posted by Barbara Ditzler on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Budget & Taxation


As the Senate prepared to adopt SB170 the Governor’s $39 billion budget, revenue projections by the Board of Revenue Estimates were adjusted downward by $238 million for the next 15 months.  Revenue for the remainder of the current fiscal year is expected to be $127 million short and for next year $111 million short.  There were also more than $100 million in spending deficiencies identified that were not contained in the Governor’s budget.  As a result, on March 13, the Senate voted to reduce the additional pension payments promised to state employees by $500 million over the next five years.   This is in addition to the $100 million already proposed by the Governor.  With a number of other smaller reductions in proposed expenditures, a 2% cost of living increase and merit pay increases for state employees were preserved.  It is not expected that the reduction in pension contributions will affect the pensions of current retirees and employees.  The Senate version of the budget will spend $1.7 billion more than last year, a 4.5% increase, with the largest gains in spending going to medical assistance and welfare, with federal dollars funding most of those gains.  State commitments to public schools and higher education were increased, allowing $4.3 million for expanding pre-kindergarten programs and school breakfasts for an additional 40,000.  An increase of 10% for public higher education will allow colleges and universities to keep tuition increases to 3%. 

Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

SB 172 BRFA (RSC 1) passed the Senate and received a favorable vote with amendments by APP

HB 739/SB 625 Maryland Estate Tax Unified Credit (RSC 2) passed by both houses.

SB 317 Income Tax – Subtraction Modification - Stormwater Remediation Fee (RSC 2) unfavorable report B&T

SB 384 Rate Reduction of Corporate Income Tax (RSC 2) unfavorable report B&T

SB 769 Income Tax – Elimination of Marriage Penalty (RSC 4) unfavorable report B&T, withdrawn

By Barbara Hankins


Posted by Barbara Hankins on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Elections & Redistricting


HB 1415/SB 1017 Chief Executive Officer or County Executive – Special Election to Fill a Vacancy in Office (Kaiser plus 8/Montgomery County Senators) was originally filed by the Montgomery County Delegation as it pertained only to a vacancy in the office of the Montgomery County Executive.  In the House Ways & Means Committee, the bill was amended to apply to the Chief Executive Officer of all charter counties and the City of Baltimore.  Charter Counties are authorized by state statute to provide for special elections for a vacancy for County Council.  In 2012, the General Assembly authorized county council special elections in Montgomery County to be conducted by mail.  In 2013, that authority was expanded statewide to include special elections in a county council in other counties, representatives in Congress and other specified local special elections.  HB 1415, as amended, specifically authorizes charter counties and Baltimore City to enact laws allowing for a special election to fill the office of County Executive or Baltimore City Mayor and authorizes that those election may be held by mail if the resolution establishing the date of the special elections directs that the election be conducted by mail.  The amended bill passed out of the House with a vote of 115-21.  The cross-filed, but unamended, SB 1017 was heard in the Senate EHEA Committee on March 13 but no action was taken.  HB 1415 had its first reading in the Senate EHEA Committee on March 18.

Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 212 Election Law - Statewide Voter Registration List - Removal of Deceased Voters (RSC 1) was amended in the House Ways and Means Committee, and passed 19-3.  An identically-titled bill, SB 15, was similarly amended in the Senate EHEA Committee, and passed 11-0 out of that committee.  The bill requires the State Election Administrator to make arrangements with Social Security Administration to received names of Maryland residents who are reported deceased.  The amendments require that the voter or a person attending the affairs of a deceased voter get notification prior to removing the name of the deceased voter from the statewide voter registration list, and offers the opportunity to show why the voter should not be removed.  Both bills have passed to the opposite chamber.  Hrg. 3/27 W&M; EHEA

HB 109/SB 48 Election Law - Polling Places – Accommodations for Disabled Voters (RSC 1) passed in the House and has had its First Reading in the Senate EHEA.  The cross-filed SB 48 was heard in Senate EHEA in January, but the Committee took no action.  These bill would require polling place workers, to the extent practicable, to accommodate disabled voters by allowing them to move to the front of the line or allowing someone to act as a place marker in line for the disabled voter which he/she sits in a chair in the polling place.

HB 25 Local Government – Municipal Elections – No Excuse Absentee Voting (RSC 1) passed the House 137-0 on February 27, and was heard in the Senate EHEA Committee on March 20.

HB 125 Election Law – Petitions – Prohibited Actions (RSC 1) passed the House 129-0 on February 27, and was heard in the Senate EHEA Committee on March 20.

None of the redistricting reform bills that the League has been monitoring , including those authorizing a task force or study commission, requiring standards for Congressional redistricting, or requiring the redistricting plans be introduced as regular bills, crossed over from one chamber to the other.  So it appears our efforts to support redistricting reform in Maryland will remain unsupported by our legislators for at least another year.

By Lu Pierson


Posted by Lu Pierson on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Children & Family Issues/Juvenile Justice


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 1/SB 64 Children in Need of Assistance- Educational Stability (RSC 1) HB 1adopted, in JPR; SB 64 adopted, heard 3/20  in JUD

HB 79/SB 68 Courts – Juveniles – Expungement of Records (RSC 1) HB 79 adopted, in JPR; SB 68 heard 1/14 in JPR, no further action

SB 122 Juvenile Law – Detention – Community Detention Violations Hearings (RSC 1) adopted, heard 3/20 in JUD

HB 307/SB 334 Peace Orders & Protective Orders – Burden of Proof  (RSC 2) HB 307 adopted, in JPR; SB 334 adopted, hrg 3/25 in JUD

HB 309/SB 334 Family Law – Domestic Violence – Permanent Final Protective Orders (RSC 2) HB 309 adopted;  SB 334 adopted, hrg 3/25 in JUD

SB 210 Child Abuse – Failure to Report – Penalties & Task Force  (RSC 2) unfav rpt by JPR

HB 407/SB 485 Juvenile Law – Prohibition Against Continued Detention  (RSC 2) HB 407 unfav rpt by JUD; SB 485 unfav rpt by JPR

SB 607 Child Abuse & Neglect – Failure to Report & Training (RSC 3) adopted with amendments limiting its focus to requiring health occupation boards that issue licenses or certificates to require training on the identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect.  Hrg. 3/26 JUD 

HB 701/SB 454 Criminal Law – Child Kidnapping & Prostitution (RSC 2) HB 701 adopted JPR;SB 454 heard 2/18, no further action

SB 78 Criminal Law – Human Trafficking – Victims Under Age 21  (RSC 2) adopted; hrg. 4/1 JUD

HB 696 Criminal Law – Human Trafficking – Victims Under Age 21  (RSC 2) Hrg. 2/18 JUD

HB 342/SB 476 Criminal Procedures – Seeking Medical Assistance for Another Who Ingested Alcohol or Drugs – Minors (RSC 3) HB 342 Hrg. 2/11 JUD, unfavorable report; SB 476 adopted with amendments: now provides limited immunity from prosecution to any person (instead of minor) who seeks, provides, or assists with provision of medical assistance for a person experiencing a medical emergency after using alcohol or drugs; Hrg 3/27 in JUD

SB 515/ HB 1295 Juvenile Law – Transfer of Cases to Juvenile Court (RSC 3) HB 1295 adopted, in JPR; SB 515 adopted with amendments

HB 577/SB 1018 – Task Force to Study Housing & Supportive Services for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth – Continuation, Membership, Stipend & Duties (RSC 3) Heard 2/11 APP, no further action; assigned to SRU, no further action

By Judy Morenoff


Posted by Judy Morenoff on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Education


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:


Most bills attempting to simply block the implementation of Common Core State Standards and Assessments have received no action or unfavorable reports.  However, bills which would create a work group or deal with various problems of implementation, communication, teacher training and adequate broadband capacity for computerized assessments are receiving more action. 

HB 117 Education - Maryland State Assessment - Request for Waiver (RSC 1) Unfavorable Report W&M

HB 1001 Education - Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act – Waivers (RSC 3) Passed House; EHEA

HB 1164 Maryland College and Career Ready Standards and Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Implementation Review Workgroup (RSC 3) Passed House w/amendments, Hrg. 3/27 EHEA

HB 1167/SB 676 Education - Performance Evaluation Criteria - Use of Student Growth Data (RSC 3) Both bills passed original chamber. EHEA; hrg. 3/26 W&M

HB 1388/SB 988 State Department of Education - Assessment Report for Broadband Capabilities in Public Schools (RSC 4) Both bills passed original chamber. Assigned EHEA and HRU

HB 265 Task Force to Study How to Improve Student Achievement in Middle School (RSC 4) Hrg. 3/19 EHEA

Early Childhood Education/PreKindergarten

HB 297/SB 332 Prekindergarten Expansion Act of 2014 (RSC 2&4)  Both bills passed original chamber. Hrgs. 3/25 B&T; 3/25 W&M

HB 428 Children - Maryland Infants and Toddlers Program – Eligibility (RSC 2&4) Hrg. 3/19 EHEA

HB 461 State Early Childhood Advisory Council (RSC 2&4) Hrg. 3/26 EHEA

SB 822 Early-In Early-Out Education Act of 2014 (RSC 3) Unfavorable report B&T


HB 814/SB 534 Education - State Grant to Counties With Small and Declining Student Enrollment (RSC 2) HB 814 Favorable w/amendments W&M; SB 534 passed Senate, Hrg 4/2 W&M, APP.

SB 128 Education - Compensatory Education Grants - Federal Community Eligibility Provision (RSC 1) Passed Senate w/amendments. Hrg. 4/1 APP

SB 218 Creation of a State Debt - Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZAB) (RSC 1) Favorable Report B&T.

By Lois Hybl


Posted by Lois Hybl on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Open Government


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 53 Public Records - Provision of Copies, Printouts, and Photographs - Required (RSC 1&4)  While this legislation was amended in HGO before it was approved in committee and passed by the House, the amendment was simply to move the provisions from the State Government article of law to the General Provisions article. Heard 3/12 EHEA; no committee action reported at this writing.

HB 658 Public Information Compliance Board - Establishment (RSC 2) Extensively amended to provide that the Joint Committee on Transparency and Open Government study appeals under the Maryland Public Information Act.  The title of the bill is now Joint Committee on Transparency and Open Government - Study of Appeals under the Maryland Public Information Act.  Reported favorably in HGO and passed the House without dissent.  Hrg. 3/27 EHEA

HB 157/SB 847 Open Meetings Act - Advance Notice of Meeting - Agenda (RSC 1&4)  Referred to the Joint Committee on Transparency and Open Government to study whether a public body should be required to provide an agenda in advance of a meeting.

HB 1260/SB 644 Open Data Policy - Council on Open Data (RSC 2&4) passed the Senate with amendments without dissenting vote.  Hrg. 3/26 HGO

By Barbara Schnackenberg


Posted by Barbara Schnack... on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Health


The end of open enrollment for obtaining health insurance through the Exchange is March 31 for coverage in May.  Those signed up by March 18 will have coverage as of April.  Medicaid will continue rolling enrollment.  There has been a concerted push to sign up young people in the last month.  

The Baltimore Sun reported that there was an increase in people enrolling as the deadline approached. As of March 15, 44,836 individuals have enrolled in Qualified Health Plans.  There is still a preponderance of older Marylanders between the ages of 45 and 64.  As of March 15, 107,550 individuals have enrolled in Medicaid.  With the people rolled over from the Adult Primary Care Program, there are now 248,230 Marylanders enrolled in Medicaid.  There is a hotline for those having problems with the website, 800-396-1961.    

Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 27 Correctional Services - Healthy Births for Incarcerated Women (RSC 1&2) has passed the House and is in Judicial Proceedings in the Senate.  It sets standards for the care of pregnant incarcerated women and the delivery of the babies, forbids physical restraints, and requires the Juvenile Services to develop related regulations.

HB 402/SB 314 Health Occupations – State Board of Naturopathic Medicine (RSC 4) has passed the House with many amendments that change the bill significantly.  Naturopaths will be licensed by the Maryland Board of Physicians (MBOP) and must have a collaborative agreement with a physician.  Their scope of practice will limited and patients must sign a consent form before seeing a Naturopath advising that their practice is limited to that set forth in the law.

HB 584/SB 367 Drug Abuse Treatment Programs – Locations and Economic Impact Study (RSC 3) were never voted on in committee.

HB 881/SB 923 Medical Marijuana - Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission (RSC 3) and HB 1321 Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Marijuana Commission - Treatment, Certification, Licensing, and Registration (RSC 3) have been rolled into one bill and was passed by the House.  The resulting bill is now in the Judicial Proceedings Committee, where it appears to have run into problems.  Senators are concerned not about medical marijuana, but about how to regulate the growers/distributors and how to assure a fair market so the price does not rise too high. 

HB 1158/SB 898 Tobacco Products – Unpackaged Cigars and Flavored Other Tobacco Products – Restrictions (RSC 3) died in the House committee.  This does not bode well for HB 443/SB 589 Tobacco Taxes – Health Maryland Initiative (RSC 3), which are tied up in both Houses with the budget.  

HB 162/SB 172 Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2014 (RSC 2&3) passed the Senate with significant amendments to the budget and is in the House Appropriations Committee.  It retained the $30 million in fiscal 2015, but removed the $40 million in fiscal 2016 from funds currently paid by the hospitals to the state.   The funds will be used by the hospitals to implement the new Medicare Waiver.  The “welfare of the community” programs appear to have been removed (RSC 1).

HB 280/SB 215 Workers’ Compensation – Payment of Physician – Dispensed Prescriptions – Limitations, HB 281/SB 217 Workers’ Compensation – Payment for Controlled Dangerous Substances Prescribed by Physicians – Limitations and Workers’ Compensation (RSC 3) both died in the House Health subcommittee before the crossover date.  HB 1342 Workers’ Compensation – Reimbursement for Repackaged and Relabeled Drugs – Fee Schedule and Requirements (RSC 3), the medical community’s answer to the above bills, never received a hearing in the committee. 

HB 1009/SB 789 Civil Actions – Noneconomic Damages – Catastrophic Injury (RSC 3), the plaintiff’s bar bill, has not been voted on in committee so is dead for this year.  HB 930 Health Care Malpractice – Limitation on Noneconomic Damages (RSC 3) the medical community’s answer is also dead as is HB 635 Health Care Malpractice – Expression of Regret or Apology – Inadmissibility (RSC 3).

HB 1211 State Board of Nursing – Midwives – Licensing and Regulation (RSC 3&4) appears to be dead again this year.  It will be back.

HB 1267/SB 882 Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) – Targeted Outreach, Engagement, and Services (RSC 3) has passed the House and has moved to Senate Finance, but SB 67/HB 606 Mental Hygiene – Standards for Emergency Evaluation and Involuntary Admissions – Modification (RSC 3) and HB 767/SB 831 Public Health Mental Hygiene – Assisted Outpatient Treatment (RSC 3) were given unfavorable reports. 

SB 227 Health – Medical Laboratories – Advertising For or Soliciting Business – Repeal of Prohibition and HB 906 Medical Laboratories – Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing (RSC 3) died in committee.

By Neilson Andrews



Posted by Neilson Andrews on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Administration of Justice


HB 1528 Criminal Law - Sexual Offenses - Evidence of Defendant’s Past Conduct (Braveboy) allows evidence of a defendant’s past sex crime or past sex abuse of a minor to be presented by a prosecutor at trial, provided that the prosecutor inform the defendant of intent to present this evidence at least 15 days before the trial. Hrg. 3/18 JUD

SB 1056  Maryland Second Chance Act of 2014 (Raskin plus 1) allows a person convicted of one of 13 specified crimes to petition, 3 to 5 years after the completion of a sentence, to have the conviction shielded, that is, not accessible to the public.  Hrg. 3/11 JPR

Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 120/SB 167 Judgeships - Circuit Courts and District Courts (RSC 1) 3/10 favorable report JUD, passed House 135-1; hrg. 2/6 JPR, B&T

HB 23/SB 63 Task Force to Study the Laws Relating to Representation of Indigent Criminal Defendants by the Office of the Public Defender - Extension (RSC 2) 3/13 unfavorable report JUD, withdrawn; 3/10 unfavorable report JPR

HB 439/ SB 538 Courts - Jury Service - Excusal (RSC 3, 4) 3/10 unfavorable report JPR

HB 410/ SB 376 Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Misdemeanor Convictions (RSC 3) 3/13 favorable report with amendments, JUD; failed in House, 69-67

HB 1330/SB 722 Task Force to Reduce Incarceration in Maryland (RSC 4) 3/20 unfavorable report JPR

By Marlene Cohn



Posted by Marlene Cohn on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Gun Control


Updates on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

SB 248  Criminal Law - Use of Handgun in Crime of Violence or Felony - Statute of Limitations (RSC 2) Hrg. 3/25 JUD

SB 768 Regulated Firearms - License Issued by Another State – Reciprocity (RSC 3) Unfavorable Report, Withdrawn JPR         

HB 36 Public Safety - Handgun Permit - Applicant Qualifications (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 42 Public Safety - Firearms - Application Approval Before Sale, Rental, or Transfer (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 60 Repeal of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 62 Regulated Firearms - License Issued by Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia – Reciprocity (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 90 Regulated Firearms - Disqualifying Crime - Domestically Related Crime (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 94 Criminal Law - Prohibition on Manufacture of Detachable Magazine or Firearm Receiver - 3-Dimensional Printing (RSC 1) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 286 Criminal Law - Use of Handgun in Crime of Violence or Felony - Statute of Limitations (RSC 2) Third reading JUD, passed (134-0); First Reading 3/24 JDP

HB 659/SB 974 Public Safety - Regulated Firearms - Transport Through State (RSC 2) Hrgs. 3/4 JUD; 3/11 JPR

HB 715/SB 584 Public Safety - Handgun Identification Requirements – Repeal (RSC 3) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 716 Public Safety - Handgun Qualification License - Qualified Handgun Instructors and Permit Holders (RSC 3) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 717 Public Safety - Firearms Safety Training - Demonstration Component (RSC 3) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 719 Public Safety - Firearms - Probation Before Judgment (RSC 3) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

HB 720 Public Safety - Handgun Permits - Training Requirement (RSC 3) Hrg. 3/4 JUD

By Doreen Rosenthal


Posted by Doreen Rosenthal on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Death Penalty


Updates on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

HB 235 Criminal Law - Death Penalty - Law Enforcement Officers and Correctional Officers (RSC 2) Hrg. 3/11 Unfavorable Report, JUD

HB 651 Courts - Aggravated Murder Court (RSC 2) Hrg. 3/11 Unfavorable Report, JUD

By Doreen Rosenthal


Posted by Doreen Rosenthal on 1 Apr 2014

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Apr 2014
Issue 5

(RSC 2014.5) Meeting Basic Human Needs


Update on bills reported in RSC 1-4:

Action has been taken on the following minimum wage-related bills:

HB 72 State Minimum Wage Rate - Increases (RSC 2) unfavorable report ECM

HB 293 Minimum Wage – Establishment by Counties (RSC 2) unfavorable report ECM

HB 374 Training Wage for New Employees (RSC 2) unfavorable report ECM

HB 949 Training Wage for Newly Hired Employees (RSC 3) unfavorable report ECM

HB 187 Maryland Wage and Hour Law – Payment of Wages (RSC 2) passed the House, hrg. 3/26 FIN

HB 295/SB 331 Maryland Minimum Wage Act of 2014 passed the House with 2 significant changes:

· Automatic future increases based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index) were eliminated

· Wages for tipped workers were not increased, but frozen @ $3.63/hour.

HB 295 will be heard jointly 3/26 by FIN and B&T.  No further action on SB 331.

HB 1143/SB 799 Landlord and Tenant – Retaliatory Actions - Types of Prohibited Actions (RSC 3) unfavorable report ENV; no further action in Senate

HB 451 Neighborhood Business Development Program - Financial Assistance for Food Desert Areas (RSC 2&4) passed the House; hrg. 3/25 EHEA

HB 453 Housing and Community Development - Multifamily Rental Housing Programs Efficiency Act (RSC 2&4) passed House; hrg. 3/25 EHEA

SB 212 Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014 (RSC 1) passed Senate; heard 3/5 HGO

By Ruth Crystal


Posted by Ruth Crystal on 1 Apr 2014

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